Family-run business
It is not just the profession that unites us.
It is not even a passion for stunning Interiors. We aim to see our valued customer fully satisfied with a final result.
— Dimitry is a Chief Architect with more than 30 years of experience, specialized in complex Architecture Development / Renovation / Construction/ Re-planning
— Project Leader with expertise in Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Austria, Cyprus, Ukraine ..
— Honored Member of Ukraine Architects Union
— Has completed over 1500 projects world wide, including Castles in France and Switzerland, Mystetsky Arsenal (Kyiv, Ukraine) Reconstruction project, numerous Commercial and Residential Projects all over the world
Dimitry Shramchenko — Chief Architect & Founder of our büro
Our Team Members work with us
for 15-20 years
So whenever you were making your apartment back in 1990's, we still have your order details in our database and ready to assist you with any required service or help
Architecture & Engineering
Dmitri Popov
Creative Expert Adviser, Professor, The Dean at Munich Fresenius University, Faculty of Motion Design & Management
Nikolay Khatsyanivskiy
Architect, Technical Planner
Iryna Kovalenko
Architect, Head Specialist
Inna Vysotskaya
Head Specialist Architect Restoration
Ihor' Yakovlev
Architect, Restoration Specialist, Academic Adviser
Eugeniy Danilyuk
Chief Structural Engineer
Liubov Maksymova-
Expert, Chief Project Structural Engineer
Svetlana Golosnaya
Project Documentation Supervision, Tender Documentation
Specialist, Contracts, Cost Sheets pro forma
Interior Design & Customer Service
Iryna Kuznetsova
Interior Design Bureau Director
Helen Ishkova
Architect, Kitchen Specilaist, Sales Manager, Client Manager Order
Processor, Technical Support
Iren Sushinskaya
Furniture &amp, Interior Design Specialist, Customer Service
Oksana Maniuk
Interior Design Specialist, Customer Support, Kitchen Specialist, Delivery service Coordinator, Sales Manager
Vlada Shramchenko
Project Manager, Interior Design Advisor, Customer Service, Legal Support
Natalie Pavlyshyna
Interior and Fashion Designer, Customer Support, Administration Manager
Aliona Kuznetsova
Interior Fashion Expert, Marketing & Relations
Nadejda Tyschenko
Records Manager, Documentation Specialist
Maryna Khomenko
Customer Service, Brand Manager, Web Administrator, Copywriter
Graphic Design
Volodymyr Mandybura
3D Interior Vizulalization Designer
Oleksandr Skrypka
3D Graphic Design, Architect Vizulalization
Technical & Construction
Viacheslav Moroz
Honored Head Technical Engineering, Supervising Assembler
.. since 1996
Roman Borovinsky
Master Constructor, Fitter
Oleksandr Il`in
Master Handling & Logistics Fitting Specialist
Alexander Tkachuk
Assembling Specialist, Loading & Logistics
Alex Hordiienko
Assembling Specialist, Loading & Logistics
Anatolii Keba
Assembling Specialist, Loading & Logistics
Peter Orlov
Engineering, Construction Site Supervisor
Our Symbol
AD Immo is global &
We value each our project
9 127
More than 25 years we work and develop interior decisions and architecture solutions
Our Team has no boarders in being Global and work wherever you may need
To stay professional, we invest in our Team members in order for our client to permanently receive a granted high level service
It is always good to stay busy with the work we are fond of
All over the globe
running projects
completed projects
Family also means,
that generations of our clients keep coming back to us
Customers visit us and than they start bringing their children and grand children some decades later. This is how Family values are preserved.

In our approach we gift Stability & Care.
Just imagine the confidence you receive coming back to the Studio where Team is the same.
Let's find where Creative
meets Living and Design your new space together
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