We learn from them - They trust in us.
Partners - is a core in the development of our style, our taste and design understanding.

You can only see the best world well-known and Top recognised brands in the List of our Favourites.
Our Partners provide us all materials we need:
Over 125 years Poggenpohl German factory has continued to 'improve the kitchen' by transforming it out of unpresentable backroom into a beautiful living space that has become a heart of the home.
Cabinet Furniture
We approach choosing only high quality furniture pieces the same way a tailor creates a perfect suit, making sure that chosen products are in ideal balance and harmony with your place, lifestyle, preferences and brave ideas!
Soft Furniture
What makes a furniture perfect? Well, this is simple. A really good furniture shall not only look great, but shall also be comfortable, functional , practical and just timelessly beautiful.
Household & Bathroom appliances
What makes a Bathroom beautiful and attracting to spend hours in? Correct! It's accessories.
What brings you a unique joy while cooking? You are right! Human's assistants - appliances.
We recommend to only make smart choice in both cases. Go and check who help us reaching our perfectly planned goals.
When choosing Light brands, we simply want them to be unique in style and of a high quality. In the end of the day, light is an Art we wish to admire and use its functionality.
Let us choose the best for you & create a unique experience together
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